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Sustainability in your daily life

Design & Production of harmonic products and production cycles

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More than just a brand

We are the symbiosis of current technologies and continuous research of application innovations.

At GPM Innovation we develop new scientific-technological approaches, methods, solutions and applications for the development and improvement of sustainable production processes. For us environmental sustainability and social, respect and protection of resources, safety and health, play the dual role of purposes and effective tools for improving the productivity and business competitiveness of customers and partners.


Technology & Innovation

We apply an integrated perspective implemented in the analysis, design and production of harmonic products and production cycles, contextualized in the complexity of anthropogenic and environmental interactions. We aim for developments, improving the conditions of the natural environment and quality of life. We do this through functional approaches not only to the reduction of the impact, but to the regeneration of optimal natural conditions and balances.

Experience and professionalism


A team coordinated by experts with decades of professional experience in the chemical and environmental fields and in the development of applied research designs. In addition to the study and design spaces and tools, in the availability of GPM Innovation there is a chemical analysis laboratory, control, research and development with the most current instrumental solutions for analysis.

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